The Toronto Carrying Place

"We highly recommend this very informative and entertaining (and very readable) soft-cover book"

Swansea Historical Society

The Toronto Carrying Place:

rediscovering Toronto's most ancient trail

The Toronto Carrying Place documents author Glenn Turner's three-day walk along the route of the old portage from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe, searching for traces of the path and for its influence on today’s cityscapes and landscapes. World-famous in its day, the Toronto Carrying Place was the road to glory, riches and often violent death for thousands of travellers.

In the footsteps of First Nations traders and warriors, colonial officials and coureurs des bois, the author reveals the dramatic events and extraordinary people associated with the Carrying Place, and shows how the footpath has helped to shape Toronto and the GTA. Part travelogue and part local history, The Toronto Carrying Place is generously illustrated with photographs, maps and reproductions highlighting Toronto’s Native and colonial heritage and the region’s natural beauty.

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