Glenn Turner was born in a village just outside Dudley, in England's Black Country. His family immigrated to Canada in 1969, and Glenn spent his high school years in Toronto; reading, writing, going out dancing and sneaking into jazz clubs. Glenn moved to Ottawa in 1977 to attend the University of Ottawa. He has lived there more-or-less continuously ever since; working in student radio and the moving industry, going to school, and working as a teacher.

After 18 years as a secondary school teacher-librarian, Glenn was named "Teacher-librarian of the year" by the Ontario Library Association in 2019. He currently works as a staff member of SGI Canada, a Buddhist association promoting peace, culture and education.

Glenn has been writing for publication since 2001. His work has appeared in provincial and national journals for school libraries, and in a national Buddhist magazine. The Toronto Carrying Place: rediscovering Toronto's most ancient trail is his first book.